Saturday, 26 December 2009

a cosmos within

Tuesday 5 Jan 2010. I see the field of "stars" - bright pin points of light like dust motes in sunshine, or stars and galaxies. It has been some time since I last saw this, as always it comes like a gift, I cannot hold on to it. The points of light are blue-white, dancing against a deep black. It is quite unlike other visual effects in meditation - as if I am really seeing in to something or some place. It always fills me with joy, makes me want to smile or laugh. Today I googled for lights in meditation but found nothing, or not much, apart from advice to ignore them. Since I cannot make them appear, and they seem to disappear almost as soon as my ego kicks in and I try to grasp or hold on to them, I don't really have much choice. But I am curious. Are they quantum particles, or some aspect of my body (chakras, astral body ooooh ooh ooh - don't go there, that's where the loonies live).

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